Reasons Why You Can’t Seem To Find Success in Blogging

To Find Success in Blogging

How to be a successful person. It is simple, you have to work hard and have patience. You might not see the results right away but they will come eventually if you keep going.

The first step in becoming a successful person is to make sure your intentions are pure and good so that success will follow naturally afterwards.

If this doesn’t happen then it can be due to any number of things such as bad habits or lack of effort on the part of the individual which could also lead them down an unfavorable path.

Another thing that can hinder success for some people is simply not knowing what they want out their life, without direction there will never be any light at the end of tunnel for these individuals who need help figuring out were they stand in life.

Lack of Concentration

Another possible reason why some people can never seem to find success is because their main focus isn’t sufficient enough to help them achieve their personal or professional goals.

Some examples of this would be individuals who set the bar so low that they don’t do anything at all, thus accomplishing nothing and getting nowhere.

Some people also will just settle for less than they deserve and let the chances of greatness pass them by because their not willing to work as hard as is necessary to achieve success.

Lack of Clarity

One more reason why some people fail to reach the top in all they do is a lack of clarity, if a person isn’t clear on what there trying to accomplish it’s very likely that they will fail because there not clear on how to get where their going.

For example, if an individual has no idea what he wants to do with his life and just tries out everything one after another without planning ahead then he probably won’t be successful in anything he does.

Do what You Know About

The best way to start a blog is by writing about what you know. It doesn’t matter what your interests are, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re into cooking, fashion, gardening, fishing, or psychology – there’s a blog out there for it.

In this article I’m going to tell you how to get started with blogging. There are so many different ways to create a blog and many different blogging platforms that allow anyone to create a professional-looking blog with no technical experience whatsoever.

You can also learn from other bloggers on various platforms and learn from other people’s mistakes instead of making them yourself.

Write about your experiences

It’s always better to get started than to get stuck thinking about how difficult it might be. You’ll find that if you start writing, ideas will come and the words will follow. Spend 5 minutes every day writing about your experiences and what’s important to you.

With technology today you can get feedback from others before you post something. You have a lot of options on how to get feedback.

Ask the Community

You could ask someone in your network for their opinion, or use a website like yotpo which will ask people who visit the site to give their thoughts and opinions. Other sites like buzzsumo or canva also offer constructive feedback that can be helpful when it comes to blogging.

One of the best ways to grow your blog quickly is by asking questions in your posts. While it might seem scary at first, the payoff is worth it! You will be able to reach more people and create interesting responses in the comments. Just remember to always ask a question at the end of your post.

Promote your post on social media sites

Promote your post on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. with a link back to the original article so readers can see more of your content.

Article writing is not easy, it takes time and effort to build article marketing strategy.

I have written another post on how you can use social bookmarking sites for your advantage to promote your blog posts.

There are some good tips in this ebook/report about how to write an effective title tag that will get you search engine traffic .

Interact With Other Bloggers

One way that you can be successful at blogging is to interact with other bloggers. One good way to do this is by reading their articles and leaving comments on their blog posts. This will help your blog grow and will also help you build connections and friendships.

“Success is getting up one more time than you fall.”- Vince Lombardi

What makes blogging different from other forms of writing is that it requires hard work, skills, passion and time. To be successful in this field, there are certain things you must avoid at all costs:-

#1:You don’t lack content ideas to write about

One thing that frustrates bloggers who want success is the feeling that they can’t seem to find any good content ideas to write about. No matter how hard you try, the right idea escapes from your reach. But if you look at it from a different angle, that’s actually a good thing!

#2:You feel depressed and disheartened

There comes a time when all bloggers feel discouraged and tired of writing and blogging. This is normal and it doesn’t mean you should give up on your blog or stop blogging altogether. You just have to take a break every once in awhile to recharge and renew yourself for the next task at hand.

#3: Writing becomes too much of an effort

Blogging should never feel like a chore, but as time goes by, you will have a tendency to feel tired and unmotivated. This isn’t exactly a sign that you need to stop blogging but take a break from it for a few weeks or months. Remember, no one is going to die if you don’t post anything new on your blog for a couple of days.

#4: You don’t feel anything when you write

If you ever caught yourself not feeling the slightest bit excited about blogging, even though it’s something that you love doing, then stop what you’re doing immediately because this means that either your passion is dying out or something (or someone) is blocking your creativity.

#5: You’re too scared to take risks

Risk is a word that defines success more than it does failure. How can your blog grow if you don’t take a risk and try something new? If you’re afraid of trying something that will result to nothing, then you’ll never experience the joy of achieving something amazing.

#6: You love comparing yourself to others

You can’t blog about other bloggers without people accusing you of being too much into self-promotion. If that’s the case, then stop. Stop comparing yourself to others and see them as your inspiration instead of your competition. The only way for you to achieve success is if you believe in yourself first before anyone else can start believing in you.

You are not alone. You are one of many people who have tried, failed and given up on blogging. But if you keep trying there is hope for you yet! Read the following article to find out how to get your blog off the ground or even take it up a notch!

Article background information: The following 10 points will help you understand what it takes to be successful in blogging. It does not happen overnight, but with persistence there is hope for any person wishing to make their mark in this industry.


There are many reasons why you can’t seem to find success in blogging. One of the main reasons is that you might not be putting enough effort into it or following a strategy for your blog posts.

You also may need more experience and knowledge on how to create content, know what type of topics will get people interested, etc. Another reason could be because your blog posts aren’t engaging with readers; they don’t want to read what you have written about because it’s too boring or isn’t relevant to them personally.

If none of these sound like plausible explanations as to why there is no growth in traffic- consider hiring an expert who knows all about marketing strategies and SEO techniques! They would be happy work with you one-on-one and help you improve your blog.

Now that you know about some of the reasons why you can’t seem to find success in blogging, maybe you will step up your game a bit more. If none of these reasons look familiar to you- well then, congratulations! You’re doing great, keep it up!

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